ABOUT THE 2021 IIDA COMPENSATION CALCULATOR | Competitive salaries are key to ensuring that interior design and related careers remain viable professions for innovative, driven, and creative individuals. 

“Understanding of the marketplace is a powerful tool,” said IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. FIIDA. “The results of this year’s report are a testament to the resiliency and determination our industry has shown as we continue to endure, educate, and evolve.”

This interactive calculator provides a full salary spread of the industry, exclusively to IIDA members, based on many variables including education and professional credentials, and compares 2020 survey data with previous data from 2018 and 2016. All others may view the national average salary by job title. 

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PURCHASE THE FULL REPORTThe full, 49-page digital, 2021 IIDA Interior Design Compensation Report, offers a full analysis of salary and benefit information. For more information please email compensation@iida.org.


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Industry Forecast

With interior design talent in demand, industry professionals are at an advantage to make crucial decisions for their career based on an employer’s benefits, perks, salary, and cultural fit. This report arms professionals with the information to benchmark compensation packages against current industry standards. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects the interior design profession will contract 5% through 2029—with architecture growing 1%. This means designers and professionals in associated roles (salespeople, educators, and project managers) may see some stagnation in compensation. However, this may be attributed to multiple factors including the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic—from it’s onset to a post vaccination economy—or a shift to multidisciplinary design principles that tackle climate change and sustainability, environmental and social justice, and community and urban planning. The U.S. Bureau of Labor also indicates 11% growth in urban and regional planning, 3% growth in environmental engineering, and 8% growth in environmental science and protection technicians. 

The 2021 IIDA Interior Design Compensation Report findings point towards recovery and overall long term health, despite a plateau in compensation and benefits that may be attributed to the pandemic and other economic factors. Salaries are increasing moderately, as are other types of cash compensation.